Do you belong to a group that would benefit from a presentation on grief or surviving widowhood?

Audrey is a Health and Transitions Mentor after loss, working with clients to gain the courage to create a new role for themselves. She has been in the health care industry for 38 years as a Registered Nurse and Case Manager, and holds a Masters degree in Health Science. Audrey’s goal as a Health Educator to those who have suffered loss is to be their guide through the process and to provide an empathetic and safe place to grow through the grief.

Audrey facilitates dynamic and interactive presentations that may be suitable for your group, including:

4 Key Components for Maintaining Health and Wellness After Loss

When we grieve, a flood of stress hormones are released. In recent publications, the term ”broken heart syndrome” has been used to describe what is medically known as stress cardiomyopathy. The level of stress hormones in the blood can be two to three times higher than it is in those suffering from a classic heart attack. Overall, our immune systems become compromised.

Learn the 4 Key Components to rebuild your immune system during the grieving process in this fun and informative talk.[/stextbox]

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