Healthy Living After Loss

Healthy Living After Loss

This is a four-week program focusing on you and your health bringing you to a place of feeling and looking the best possible you. Loss and grief tremendously impact our immune system, not just immediately after our loss but over the years following. If left unaddressed, the mind/body connection is broken and dis-ease, namely poor health and a lack of a zest for life ensues.

“I enjoyed your presentation and you inspired me to make better choices”— Linda W., Toronto

In this four-week program, via phone or Skype, you will learn to integrate tools for healthy living from the comfort of your home. At the end of the four weeks you will:

Incorporate simple techniques to relieve stress and anxiety everyday
Experience the difference as you boost your immune system
Enjoy the ancient art of self love
See a new and brighter you

The cost of the four-week program is $247.00. The program cost includes:

  1. One 30 minute pre-program goal setting session
  2. Four 50 minute, one-on-one phone or skype sessions
  3. Unlimited email access to Audrey
  4. A downloadable PDF of the techniques taught over the four weeks
  5. An accountability journal to record your progress
  6. Healthy, simple recipes for boosting the immune system and maintaining energy

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