My Approach

I implement a mind/body approach to feeling better after loss with a focus on inner resolve because a healthy mind means a healthy body. In my four week Healthy Living After Loss program you will feel the change happen from our very first session together.

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Interview with Keith Faime for the PBS special The Embrace of Dying to air September 2014

Academic achievements aside, the most relevant training that I have had has been living life as a widow. Life is the best teacher, and going full throttle into it takes courage and strength that no advanced degree can provide. I hit bottom and got up again numerous times during my 23 years of widowhood. My children have been my teachers, my support and my critics, as have my friends and lovers. My education continues today through my work with women like you. Through hearing your stories of loss and survival, the good days and bad, I remember my own journey and the strategies that have brought me to where I proudly stand today.

“By working with Audrey I was able to uncover buried emotions surrounding the death of my husband. That nagging feeling of something is not right feels complete now. My relationships with my kids and mother have changed to a more loving, open communication because my fear of getting hurt is gone.”