When The Faucet Leaks: A Widow’s Lament

Does it seem that sometimes even the smallest inconvenience can throw you for a loop and into the crazy thoughts of why me? Why him? Why now? Do I have to do it all?

faucetHave you considered taking a plumbing, electrician or mechanic class? One day I strapped on the huge gas leaf blower Joe had to go and clean all the leaves that had fallen the autumn after Joe died. It weighed as much as I did and the noise of the monstrosity on my back was deafening. First and last time, I hired someone else to do the job. Similarly, I remember thinking that, when Joe died, I was going to have to be both mom and dad to my children, especially the boys. So, what did I do? I went out with them to throw the football around. I hate football and am petrified when any object is hurled in my direction. Guess I should be thankful because that one-day ended my desire to be the jock example for my boys.

When you have children and you’re left as the single parent, it’s not uncommon to feel that we have to fill in the gap but we can’t. I learned the best that I, as a mom could do, was to be just that, the mom. And the kids? They understood and as a result all my children, boys (men) and girls (women) enjoy cooking and sharing recipes. And the boys? They do throw the football around, without me!

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