No News May be Good News: Mindful Living

headlinesDid you read the headlines today? Did you hear the “top stories”? Were they uplifting or did your mind go to worry, fear, concern?

For many years, much to the chagrin of many, I never watched TV, never read a paper and never listened to the news on radio. I was teaching mindfulness and meditation to those challenged with panic and anxiety disorders. News was, for me, disturbing. It still is. Good news doesn’t sell newspapers or get TV viewers. I always thought, if it’s something that will impact me now, today at this very minute, someone will tell me.

I bring this up because this week, two clients told me they start their day watching the news, and, lest I say, very disturbing news. A tragic building collapse in Harlem, a missing jet plane packed with poor victims and no answers, global catastrophe and unrest. Are these the thoughts that you want to carry with you throughout the day?

Yes, we need to be in the know but, I ask you, can’t it wait? What if, for one week, you didn’t get the news first thing in the morning but waited until you mindfully enjoyed your morning time? Take this challenge and let me know what changed for you. I would be very surprised if your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate weren’t well below “normal limits”. Perhaps consider adding a few meditative moments in silence to make it your best day yet!

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2 comments on “No News May be Good News: Mindful Living

  1. :)

    The day before I read this blog I did just that.. instead of putting on the TV in the morning while getting ready to go to the gym I left it off and just enjoyed the quiet. My new daily habit. Thank you for the post.

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