Making it Different, In Your Mind

makingitdiffThe chaos of life can be draining. Our thoughts at times, race, getting nowhere, giving us no answers. We may experience feeling stuck.

Mental time away is a necessity and I don’t mean getting lost in a TV show. I’m speaking of mental imagery, visualization. Taking yourself to that peaceful and beautiful place in your mind and perhaps, finding answers. I became certified in guided visualization many years ago with two wonderful practitioners in NYC. It was my first experience, although I had been doing hypnosis for a time with clients, this was different. In hypnosis, the client’s expectation was that I, the hypnotist, was magically going to change their habits. At times it was magical, moving the conscience mind out of the way to reach the subconscious is powerful for making changes but it did take behavior changes for the client to sustain the change after they left my office.

Enter Guided Visualization. Many times we know we need to change things but often we can’t take the first step or even know what it is. With guided visualization you open yourself to new possibilities, to finding the answers within yourself. I think the most popular knowledge of the impact of visualization is in athletic performance. Used in all sports, guided visualization done over and over enables the athlete to see his/her completing a prefect routine, making the perfect shot, landing solidly from the parallel bars and feel the feeling.

Generally speaking, visualization is the process of creating a mental image or intention of what you want to happen or feel. Making it real in your mind and stepping into the feeling, mimicking the real experience can be a positive lift when you’re confused, anxious and unsure as may be the case after the death of our loved ones. Guided visualization can bring about the state of mind and body most conducive to healing – deep relaxation and positive focus.

Guided visualization is not an answer to grieving, grieve we must but, it is a tool to gain clarity in the fog and perhaps for you to land solidly on your feet.




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