Make This Your Year for Change 2014

The reality of life can be painful and widowhood is a harsh reality. I remember feeling sad about another year coming, identifying myself as a “widow”, and rather than being excited about what I could create in the new year personally, professionally, physically, or spiritually, I just stayed in my “widowhood”. That had to change, and it did.

I’m not a “resolution making” person but I do have aspirations and not just on January 1st. There’s more power in aspiring then in resolving. Aspirations do require change and change certainly isn’t easy but the first step is to realize that you do have control and you can aspire to move you forward. New habits and behaviors can be uncomfortable, at first. Then, with repeated practice they become the new normal for you. 

2014Before starting to write down what you aspire to in the coming year, I challenge you to write down what makes you who you are, you the woman. Do not include your marital status! If you write anything, you’re a writer. If you exercise you’re an athlete, if you practice yoga you’re a yogi. Are you an advisor, a philosopher, a cook, a bookkeeper. If you have children you are a counselor. What are the many wonderful things you offer to others that make up who you are? What do you identify with?

What would you like to add to that list in the New Year? Think aspirations rather than resolutions. “I aspire to (a strong desire, an ambition, a desired objective)______________________________________________.”

Next, what steps do you need to take to move you toward fulfilling that aspiration? Make the steps small and doable. If you aspire to write, commit to writing fifteen minutes a day. Don’t overcommit. 

Let me know your aspirations for the New Year and if there are any challenges you face to you making that first step toward their actualization.

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