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yogaladyFor the third time I’m reading Full Catastrophe Living by my guru Jon Kabat Zinn. I always find something new, something else to connect with in Jon’s books. If you have never read his work or have seen him speak, go to YouTube and search for him.

Even after years of practice, a refresher as to why I love to meditate is sometimes needed. Life’s demands can get in the way and I find myself at the computer instead of on my meditation cushion.

The word itself, meditation, comes from the Latin word mederi, which means, ” to cure” and oddly enough so does the word medicine. Which would you choose, meditation or medication!

All my clients learn several mindfulness techniques in my Healthy Living program to keep them in the present. Often times are thoughts are in the past with the “I could have, should have or would have” arousing feelings of remorse or guilt. When we focus on the future we most often go to worrisome thoughts and “what if” thinking arousing feelings of anxiety and occasionally panic.

If you’re not convinced as to how meditation and living and embracing the present moment can impact your health, read this article just posted in the Healthy Living section of the Huffington Post

Still not convinced? Let’s practice mindfulness together. Call me and I’ll give you one technique, 30 seconds of your time, to feel the difference.


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