Grief, Stress and Insomnia: Putting Your Health at Risk

Wake Up Time:  Middle Age Woman Yawns In BedWe all experience an occasional sleepless night. I’ve found myself at the computer at 4:30am too! Too much caffeine or a deadline to meet can keep us from resting soundly. When we are learning to live life after loss, our sleep patterns can be severely affected which may lead to night after night of less than restful nor an adequate amount of sleep.

100 million Americans are sleep deprived. Are you one of them?  If you’re experiencing short term memory loss, poor judgment, lack of coordination, inability to learn and think clearly, then perhaps a nighttime routine is in order. Just as being in a constant state of stress can impact health, lacking adequate and good quality sleep can cause increased blood pressure, weight gain, diabetes, decreased immunity and increased nervousness.

Here are some techniques that may be of help if implemented into your daily life.

  • Avoid caffeine
  • Have some tryptophan ( grandma’s recipe, warm milk at bedtime)
  • Take a hot bath one hour before bedtime
  • Remove the TV and or computer from the bedroom and remove yourself from using them at least one hour prior to bedtime
  • Limit alcohol: alcohol disrupts sleep cycles and melatonin levels
  • Make sure your bedroom is dark and any lights (clock, cell phone, computer) are covered or turned away from your sight
  • Lavender or jasmine sachets under your pillow
  • Eye mask (a must for me)
  • Ear plugs
  • Self massage
  • Progressive relaxation
  • Deep breathing
  • Guided imagery

Just as you have a morning and waking routine, begin to think of the hours before bedtime in terms of a establishing a routine that will contribute to a feeling of relaxation preparing you for a most restful nights sleep. Think of the routine we establish for our children. Do or did we dare to vary the routine? Unthinkable!

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