Did you eat a raisin today? Just one (1) raisin!

raisinIt’s difficult, with all of the demands we have in a day, to stay focused and present in the here and now. Mostly, we tend to go to planning, worrying and fretting about tomorrow. I do that too, sometimes way more than I should.

In my Healthy Living After Loss program we do a practice of mindful eating. I use eating a raisin as an example. So in order to keep that present moment focus, I carry with me, in my bag, a few mini boxes of raisins. The kind you pass out at Halloween to totally disappoint the junk food seeking trick or treating kids. I don’t eat the whole box, I eat maybe three in total, one at a time, as I totally enjoy the experience and focus only on the raisin. It’s only seconds but, it takes me out of my runaway thinking to just this moment.

Put raisins on this weeks shopping list and enjoy them, one raisin at a time!

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