Are you S.A.D.?

It is the time of year where many people experience what has become known as seasonal affective disorder or S.A.D.  I’m personally not one for putting a diagnosis on what we have experienced for years, fewer hours of sunlight, a natural phenomenon. However, life does change at this time of year and with it, so must we. Nature knows this is the time of year to hibernate and slow down but for us human animal’s, isolation and seclusion are far less desirable and can contribute to an already sad emotional state as we’re grieving.

EternityHow can you bring some sunshine into your day while waiting for the season to pass? For me, buying flowers for myself at the corner store brightens my day. ­­I put them on my desk so they are in constant sight. Play music and sing along if you’re so inclined. I just listen! My fallback is Pandora. I can switch it up from classical to some Adele to The Chieftains and listen while I work on the computer.

When we’re grieving, at times, we feel as if the world is avoiding us. Perhaps you can remember a time when you walked the other way when someone who had experienced a life-changing event was heading your way. Few people know what to say, not that it’s a good excuse but, it’s the truth. How can you be with people but not necessarily engaged? Have you ever people watched? I’m in a city so it’s a never-ending experience of people watching. When I can, I go to a Starbucks or any local café with my computer, a pen and paper or a book and I watch the people. I don’t stare but I notice. It might not be a direct connection or a conversation but it’s out of my home and with life. Nature, if you’re not in a city, also provides a connection and that is what we need when we grieve, connection. Hug a tree, listen to a brook, feel the breeze. There is always sound even in silence. Learn to tune in to what nature has to say.

What have you found that brings some sunshine into your day now that winter is here? Post some ideas here; you never know whom you’re helping.

Be well,


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