Other People’s Grief: Tragedy in Spain and on the Hudson

When I was contemplating what to blog about this week, all I could think of was what I had been seeing and hearing about in the news this past week and how the recent tragedies affected me. You see, I believe we are all connected, somehow, to everyone on this planet. I may not have been the one to lose a friend, co-worker, child, parent or spouse in those accidents but how can you not think of those who did.

Spain declared three days of national mourning. Friends and relatives of the lives lost in the boat accident on the Hudson placed two roses in the river for the two young people that died, one who in two weeks, was to be a happy bride. How can this not impact everyone?

If you have lost a loved one, you know all to well how your life has been forever changed. The grieving begins, people are all around you and then, they’re gone. You have to pick up the pieces and try to make sense of it all as you cautiously put one foot in front of the other.

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2 comments on “Other People’s Grief: Tragedy in Spain and on the Hudson

  1. When death happens this way – with loved ones violently thrown from a train (Spain) or from a boat into the dark waters of the Hudson (NY) – imaginations go into overtime. Did our loved one die instantly, or die struggling? It’s the one time imagination is better off squashed … but how?

    • Thank you Nancy. Yes, particularly with a tragic death, one wonders what could have been different. Often, there is a sense of responsibility.What could “I” have done to prevent the tragedy. The could have’s and should have’s emerge and often times feelings of guilt enter. Guilt is the intention to do harm and is misplaced and misunderstood during grief. What can one do? Working with a grief professional during these times can help to move thoughts from the imagination to being expressed.

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