Healthy Living After Loss: A Teleconference

teleconfad_bannerGetting to the point where you actually have energy or even give a crap about anything but ending the pain of grief can seem eons away or it may be unimaginable.

Can you live healthfully again after the death of your loved one? It takes work, I won’t lie and, it takes putting yourself first. This Monday, November 4th at 7pm ET I’m going to introduce the tools that led me through grief, to growth and living life.

Small steps is what it takes and, having learned for myself after searching (at a time before Google), it had to make sense to me, be something that I could commit to doing everyday and feel the results ASAP! Sound about right?

I actually remember the first day I got myself up at 5:30am, kids still asleep and actually got my butt out the door to take my walk, audio-cassette in hand and Wayne Dyer’s recoding of “Pulling Your Own Strings”. I don’t even know if they still make that one. What I remember about that walk was how powerful I felt when I walked back into the house. “I did it!” That was the beginning. My kids came to learn that mom and morning walks were a necessary part of not just my life, but theirs too.

On Monday I’ll share tips for a simple but powerful meditation practice, a guided visualization that may uncover what your blocks are, breathing techniques to boost your energy and lift your spirit. And you can start doing them now!

I get so excited when I’m able to share these tools because, I know they work and grief sucks!

You can click here to register and join me by phone or by computer.

See you Monday 7pm ET.

Be well,


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