Facing Grief: A Courageous Act

Grieving takes courage and I tell that to all my clients when we begin working togethercourageousact. Who really wants to revisit the painful feelings 2 years, 4 years or 10 years after the death of their loved one? It’s the woman who realizes that they never allowed themselves to grieve years before.

Most of use did what convention dictated. We went to work, cared for the children, cooked the meals and cried behind closed doors. We kept busy and moved on fearful of the feelings, staying stuck and bringing our grief into the future with us, where it remains locked somewhere inside.

Why? It’s the unknown; it’s all about taking the leap and hoping that the parachute opens up in time. We stay with what is most familiar to us even when we know and, most importantly feel, that there is more. There is much more to this new woman, this woman who is forever changed. Taking that journey of grieving brings with it hope and self-discovery when, and if, you’re brave enough to take the leap.

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3 comments on “Facing Grief: A Courageous Act

  1. Hi Audrey,

    we met at the W connection, which I hope to get back to attending. i always appreciated what you had to say!


      • Hi Julie,
        Thank you for commenting and for your kind words. Is there a particular topic you would like me to write about related to grief and loss, hope and healing? I’m always looking to hear how I best support women after loss.

        Be well,

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