Dropping the Ball on Healthy Living: The Wake Up Call

When clients or women in an audience when I’m speaking, experience the peaceful feelings using the techniques I teach, I encourage them to keep in touch with me. I do this because I know that there will be times when our healthy routines are challenged and support may be key.

My children thought I was weird sitting in lotus posture meditating each morning or when nothing would come between me and my morning walk or exercise. Then, they got it, when I didn’t meditate and exercise, I just wasn’t in balance.

Over the years since I had been widowed, I was diligent with my practices until 2008. My life was again heading for change. The youngest of my four children was going to be heading out to college in August of 2009. I was in an unsteady relationship and I hated my job as a Case Manager in a traditional healthcare system.

I first became lax in my morning meditation, worry took its place. Then I found excuses for my morning walks. The only thing I held to was being vegetarian. In late 2008 I remember telling my mom that something was wrong. I was so off balance mentally, my yoga practice (when I did one) was unsteady and I felt I had no control over my life, visions of the early days of widowhood.

doctor_patientDuring Christmas week in 2008, having gone for my routine mammogram the week before, I was sitting with my children opening presents. The phone rang, it was a Friday night at 7pm and it was my gynecologist, not a good sign.

“We found something on your mammogram”, she said. I stood frozen in space! She continued, “We need to schedule a biopsy ASAP”. I took a deep breath and returned to my children “It’s going to be fine”, I said but, it wasn’t.

My wake up call had come. I had my partial mastectomy two-weeks later and 32 radiation treatments. Now I needed to once again harness the benefits of what I had lost hold of. I became vegan and dove headfirst back into using the tools I had put in place years before. I had no one to direct or cheer me on but I knew what I had to do. When my youngest went off to college that August, I left the suburbs to spend the next fourteen months living in the Catskill Mountains. It was a time of reflection, discovery and decisions.

Then, I quit my job, set new boundaries in my relationship and followed my dream of once again having my own practice. This time, I wasn’t mentoring those challenged with panic and anxiety disorder on how to live healthfully without anxiety, I was guiding the women who had come to me years before to share their story over a cup of coffee, widowed women.

So, you see, I do know first hand that if we do drop that ball and neglect the most important person in our lives, our selves, we may just get that wake up call.

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