Creating Remembrances After Loss

We are a culture of celebrations. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and every other holiday Hallmark could think of. These special remembrances change when a loved one dies. What was once a happy celebration can bring pain and sadness once again to the forefront. We never want to forget our loved ones that have died but sometimes we don’t know how to celebrate their lives after their death?

I don’t believe there is a right or wrong way that we put into place how to remember the special days that mean so much. Every individual grieves in his or her own unique way and that is true too, for how we each remember our loved ones. We’re not speaking of enshrining our loved one’s, that is not healthy grief. Creating special traditions, memorials or services can bring us peace.

A remembrance can be visiting our loved ones burial place, having a special service dedicated to our loved ones at our place of worship. It can be setting a place at the table and speaking openly about memories of past holidays with our loved ones. What about sending balloons with a message? My children loved to scribble on a balloon to their dad and watch it as it went up into the sky and disappeared.

Having a new tradition either personally or with family members is an important part of our grieving. Remember grief doesn’t end it changes when we allow ourselves to go through the process.

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