A Three Dimensional Approach to Grief- September 11th 2001

Three-dimensional space is a geometric 3-parameters model of the physical universe (without considering time) in which we exist. These three dimensions can be labeled by a combination of three chosen from the terms lengthwidthheightdepth, and breadth. Any three directions can be chosen, provided that they do not all lie in the same plane”. –Wikipedia

The idea of three-dimensions was on my mind today, September 11th, as I once again listened to the names of those lost on this ominous day. My thoughts turneprgrsvimghttp://ts1.mm.bing.net/th?id=H.4720831654399526&w=103&h=103&c=8&pid=3.1&qlt=90&rm=2d to the way grief is three-dimensional. The dimensions that exist are grief’s depth, it’s length and breadth.

When we heal from loss we need to approach the healing from a 3D perspective. The depth of our grief is based on the depth of our relationship or love of what or whom we have lost. Grief’s length is a lifetime but the form of that grief changes as we do the work to heal. The breadth of our grief can span every part of our existence. Our future relationships, our work and our health are all impacted and unless we take an active part in healing, will continue to encapsulate our lives.

The impact of loss forever changes who we are. Can you see the three dimensions of grief today, the anniversary of the tragedy we all witnessed 12 years ago, September 11, 2001. How many who suffered a loss those twelve short years ago still deeply grieve, are still consumed by their grief. Not only did we lose loved ones but the intangible losses were felt across this nation; loss of security, loss of freedom, loss of certainty, loss of faith and loss of trust. How deep is your grief, how long have you suffered the pain of loss and how wide has grief’s impact been on your life?

With a heavy heart let is all remember those who’s loved ones lives were lost on this most tragic day.

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2 comments on “A Three Dimensional Approach to Grief- September 11th 2001

  1. I’m worried about how deeply the trauma of 9/11 resides in the body of our young people who appear today as if they’re exactly the same before and after. What kind of a trigger – particularly smell or taste for those close to Ground Zero that eventful day – will activate deep distress one day in the future? How many were glued to their TV sets that day, watching 9/11 transpire over and over again? Where does all that trauma reside inside those young, healthy bodies and is it like a ticking bomb?

    • Hi Nancy,
      Thank you for commenting on my post. The trauma, and subsequent grief, related to the impact of 9/11 do reside inside and what will the trigger be for those impacted, like so many of us, is a valid question. The trigger can be another loss, tangible or intangible, that can lead to complicating a previous grief experience that has not been addressed. What we see as a result is a cascade effect of unresolved grief experiences. For those who have not yet done the work to move forward from their grief due to losses from the past, the work can still be done, today.

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