Rebuilding my life while grieving – - What is MY favorite color?

After years as a married couple it becomes “we like”, “we prefer”, “we think as one”!   I remember having a realization after Joe’s death. Being at the beginning of redefining my life and, who I was, I stopped and wondered, “What is MY favorite color?”

Remember, as a little girl, knowing your favorite color was so important.  I needed, as a now widowed woman who was rebuilding a life, to get back in touch with what I liked, what made me feel happy, what color brightened my life?  I discovered my favorite color is green. I have no idea what it was before Joe but now it’s green. Many different shades of green make me happy; they make me feel fresh and alive.

What’s your favorite color? Has it changed since your loss?

Just as your favorite color may have changed, other interests from your pre-married days may have been put on the back burner. Was there a hobby, an interest or a sport that, in your past, you enjoyed but, it was put aside as you gave your energy and focus on raising your family and nurturing your married/partnered relationship?

Give some time to jotting down what you enjoyed in the past such as painting, sewing, weight lifting, hiking, bowling, drawing, writing, and swimming, but haven’t done over the years.  See if you can rekindle that interest. Please share what you may have discovered that may be a re-emerging or new interest for you – your new favorite color.

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One comment on “Rebuilding my life while grieving – - What is MY favorite color?

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